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This is a close up of a Heathkit 151 that Sam transformed.
Audio equipment restoration, modification and transformation.
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switchable triode to ultra-linear

superb sounding EL84/6BQ8 unit


Click to see a bigger picture.The dust-caked Heathkit AA-151 integrated amplifier, shown here, was brought into our shop for an overhaul.


Sam redesigned the original circuit and integrated an all triode preamplification section. The very happy owner can switch between a triode (7 wpc) or ultra-linear (15 wpc) mode.


Click to see a bigger picture.This is our best sounding push-pull EL84/6BQ8 unit so far -- but the wicked EICO mod that Sam has produced is up for the challenge!


Stay tuned for upcoming features on new projects including a Harmon Kardon Citation II transformation and a Fisher 500-B modification.


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our new benchmark design

this transformation is immaculate


Click to see a bigger picture.It is considered one of the finest amps ever produced. The 1959 Eico HF-81 outclassed amps twice its price and half its age. It was time to see if Sam could improve on the original design.


Sam completely disassembled the unit we received. Every component was desoldered, tested and cleaned. The chassis was sanded down and repainted in our classic silver hammer tone finish. The front brass faceplate was polished with special solutions.


Sam already knew the Eico's layout and went to work improving the design of the circuitry.


The result is stunning. Listeners feel that this amp has surpassed Sam's benchmark Heathkit AA-151 redesign. It has tons of power and it is so good at producing fine audio, that you'd swear the musicians were in front of you.

tired amp rejuvinated

beautiful to look at and listen to


Click to see a bigger picture.McIntosh is renowned for their manufacturing quality. Their high-end amps are well regarded by audio enthusiasts.


So, when we received this destitute McIntosh 275, its owner wanted Sam to bring it back to its former glory - and so did Sam.


Turn the lights out and watch the glow of the tubes reflect off its mirror finish.Beyond restoring the circuitry and upgrading the components, he ensured that the exterior exuded pure quality. Sam had the chassis re-chromed by Montreal's premier specialist. Every part was cleaned and polished. The amp not only sounds incredible, it looks incredible.

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