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Audio equipment restoration, modification and transformation.
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silver level: restoration

Sam examines the circuitry component by component, replacing weak ones with superior pieces. The system bias is then optimized to deliver an amp that performs better than the original.


gold level: ultra-linear

Sam will deconstruct your amp and redesign the circuitry to produce the best possible ultra-linear state. The end result is an amp that produces top power and exceptional sound. You can own a one-of-a-kind, "Sam Kim" audio masterpiece


platinum level: full triode

Our platinum level service is the ultimate transformation. Here, Sam's creative genius is unleashed to deliver a full triode amplifier for the audiophile. Our customers attest to Sam's incredible skill and workmanship. Owning an amp transformed by Sam Kim is akin to owning fine art crafted by the masters.


triode or ultra-linear?

The term ultra-linear means that your amp has an output configuration optimized to deliver a bright and punchy sound. Excellent for those who enjoy using their tube amps to listen to Rock music with more volume.


Stepping up to a triode configuration will reduce the output volume (watts per channel) but, as audio experts will tell you, will deliver a superior sonic experience. The sound will be sweeter, smoother and natural. Those who listen to classical and jazz music will appreciate what a triode tube amp can do.


Whether you choose our silver, gold or platinum service, you can take comfort knowing that Sam spends many hours, following an amp's completion, conducting burn-in and listening tests. Like us, you are serious about audio and believe that music deserves the best possible reproduction.

Looking for something different? We can design and fabricate a one-of-a-kind gut-shaking, Frankenstein tube amp for your guitar to a custom preamp for your turntable. We can even perform surgery on your audio gear to your specification.


how to order service

Please call Steve at 514-880-3587 to discuss our services or sales of equipment ready to go. We are always happy to talk to customers about their audio needs. You may also e-mail us or use our contact form.


Sam Kim's well equipped, home workshop frees us from high overhead costs. We charge a flat rate so you know up front what your investment will be. Many customers agree that this is a better arrangement than shops that charge you an hourly rate - and then shock you with the final bill.


We quote one price no matter how much work is required to restore, modify or redesign an audio component. This includes the very important listening tests when Sam fine tunes the circuitry to create the most natural sound. Typically, 30 to 100 hours are spent on each unit. Prices range from $750 to $5,000 USD, excluding S&H.


We take trade-ins for any unit you wish to buy. Let us know what you have! We also offer a 90-day warranty on all parts and labour.


Right click and copy shortcut to your newsreader. Be among the first to know the minute we put a restored treasure up for sale.

This Telefunken T-1000 was overhauled by Sam and it is fabulous!


Sam specializes in aligning, adjusting and modifying any make of tube or solid state tuner.


All components are checked to ensure they meet specification. Any that are defective or out of tolerance will be replaced with modern high performance components.


"When you buy one of our amps or tuners, you become a part of the Sam's Audio Labs family."


Your tuner is then expertly aligned to improve selectivity, sensitivity, and separation between channels. Finally, Sam adjusts the gain and fine tunes the unit for maximum sound quality. The result is performance superior to factory fresh.


We have aligned and restored all types of tuners including Mcintosh, Scott, Fisher, Kenwood, Sansui, Sherwood, Tanberg, Telefunken, Magnum Dynalab, and many others.


Please call or e-mail us for details. Prices begin at $299 USD.


music to our ears

"Thanks so much to you and to Sam for the fabulous restoration and upgrade... the multiplex stereo FM sounds great."

-- Mark, restored Harmon Kardon TA-224 tube receiver

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