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Sam Kim`s unique circuitry transformed this amp into an audio masterpiece.
Audio equipment restoration, modification and transformation.
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Click to see a bigger picture. Heathkit 151 Triode or Ultra
$ call us!
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Click to see a bigger picture. Grommes PG40 Tube
Amp $850 USD
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Click to see a bigger picture. Telefunken T-1000 Tuner
$395 USD
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"I've listened to many restorations but have yet to experience, see, or hear anything close to the work done by this humble man."
-- Peter Breuninger, Stereophile Magazine


"...the sound is so pure, so sweet, so achingly beautiful, it will cut your heart in half. Mr. Kim is a true master in the fullest meaning of the word."

-- Zack, Heathkit 151 transformation


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Click to see Sam displaying his workmanship of the amp pictured above.Amazing describes his experience, depth of knowledge and his passion for audio. Sam Kim has studied the circuitry of the world's best audio systems and has committed to memory over 5000 schematic diagrams.


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